Mark Mussler is Lead Level Designer at Limbic Entertainment in Langen, Germany.

He graduated with a degree in media informatics at the University of Applied Sciences, Giessen-Friedberg (Germany).

During the time of his studies Mark was an active clan player strongly engaged within the gaming community of Tactical Ops, an Unreal Engine based Unreal Tournament modification that eventually went retail.

The passion of playing games quickly evolved into using the gained gameplay insights to create levels with the UnrealEditor. He got introduced to the Tactical Ops mapping community and created the level TO-X-Salsa which ultimately became an official level for the Tactical Ops game.

In 2003 Mark joined the TO Crossfire development team to work on a total conversion modification for UT2003/2004 which was released in 2006. As a key member of the team Mark did not only contribute with the creation of four levels but also helped with the creation of gameplay features and in-game content.

After finishing his exams Mark decided to apply at Acony Games where he brought his level design and game development skills to a professional level.

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